COMPOSITE image created by Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace See 28 MAY 2009 MASONS Story MNFLICKR Lovers separated by 4,000 miles have found a unique way of being together by using Photoshop to create pictures of themselves as a couple. Pretty brunette Rosie Hardy, 18, of Buxton, Derbyshire and Aaron Nace, 25, of North Carolina, U.S. met through photo sharing website Flickr. The photography fanatics were united in their passion for playing with image and after declaring their love within a month they longed to meet in the flesh. So they took self-portraits and used Photoshop to fuse themselves together in an array of images. Aaron is the Photoshop expert behind the stunning images but the pair work closely to create the finished effect. Rosie will take her self-portrait first. Aaron must then find a way to seamlessly place himself in shot – matching lighting, camera angles, scale and mood.